• PLC24-24 信号转换器

    PLC24-24 signal converter

    Product characteristics

    . Input voltage: 18VDC-26VDC

    .Input voltage: +24VDC input current: +1A Max

    .Input signal: 0--24V (0-26V) low-level effective, can be left floating

    .Input impedance: OFF: 24V ON: 0V

    .Output current sourcing capability: 0-5A (single channel maximum 10A sourcing current capability)

    • USB 智能快充

    USB intelligent fast charging

    Product characteristics

    .Isolation withstand voltage: 3000VAC

    .Input voltage: 85-305VAC/120-430VDC

    .Pass EMC, high voltage testing and insulation level testing

    .Working temperature: -40~85

    .Storage temperature: -40~125

    .Relative humidity: 10%~90%

    .Standard size: 52.00*39.00*22.00 (mm)