HenLv: Industrial and military high quality hybrid integrated circuit modular power supply and new energy products R&D, production, sales and solution manufacturer.

Shanghai: Global marketing headquarters

Ningbo: R&D manufacturing market service integration headquarters base

Shenzhen: South China area marketing and cutting-edge technology research and development center

Service: Global operation, global service, domestic and foreign have many offices and partners(agents), fast, comprehensive, efficient to provide you with a full range of marketing support and services.

Marketing: Covering the global network marketing pattern, facing the global investment, working with high quality partners, serving the global market.

Most of the products have passed required of mandatory certification by relevant countries around the world.

We are committed to high-end cutting-edge technology, industrial and military industry is now fully serve, roads and railways aerospace, ship ocean deep-sea exploration, industrial control, medical, lamps and lanterns, automation, security monitoring, petrochemical industry, the mobile station machine, 5G intelligent household, high-end equipment and high precision instruments and meters, Internet communication communication, electricity, rail transportation and other industrial 4.0.

Create a better life, serve smart city, provide security and personalized solutions for many industrial and military products.

· For global industrial transformation and technological innovation draw an important stroke.

· HenLv focus on national high-tech industry and defense military industry.

HenLv is a national high-tech enterprise.

The core competitiveness of HenLv is in a leading position in the same industry in China, and some products are leading in the world.

                                                                    ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification

                                                                    ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

                                                                    Intellectual property management system certification.

                                                                    Ningbo city patent enterprises.

                                                                    Ningbo College students entrepreneurship practice base.

                                                                    Engineering Technology Center 

                                                                    Director Unit of Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise Association.  

                                                                    Member Unit of China Power Supply Society

HenLv has many national invention patents, utility model patents, appearance design patents, and dozens of patents from EU and other countries, and has established school-enterprise cooperation with many domestic universities, and has been successively awarded as "the Top 10 Power Supply Industry in the Huaxinbang Cup" etc. 

Let the light and heat of HenLv accompany you to every corner of the world!

Heaven and earth is eternal, sun and moon rate line!

Choose HenLv, Choose the future!