HenLv At The Shanghai Electronics Show In Munich

Time:2020-12-14 11:32:16Hit:8291

The three-day Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair successfully concluded on March 16th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

In this exhibition, Henlv power  made a careful classification of the products exhibited, such as AC DC, DC DC isolated wide voltage, DC DC non-isolated, and various special fields. The applied fields also use integrated circuit diagrams as backgrounds and physical design to vividly depict the use and scope of our products. This exhibition attracted a large number of medical, aerospace

New and old customers in petroleum, industrial control, and railway fields.


During the exhibition, the Henlv Power of gains was quite good. The company not only sent technology and engineers, but also directly discussed with customers the technology and other issues, and conducted cooperative transactions on the spot. During the exhibition, visitors constantly came to the booth for consultation, and more than 150 communication records, among which many business cards of foreign guests were retained, so that the constant rate perfectly displayed the grace and style that should be in the power industry. At the same time, the company also accepted industrial control Interview with the Internet, sharing the company's new products and marketing cooperation strategies.


More than 600 exquisite small gifts were brilliant in this exhibition, and the bright exhibition hall also impressed the visitors. If you are looking for a new industry field, please keep in mind that Constant Rate is conducting investment promotion activities for national distribution agents. Strongly welcome those who are interested in joining the power supply industry to join the constant rate. Thank you for your continued support and attention to Constant Rate, and I look forward to working with you in the power supply industry, going further and further.